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Do you have an item or items you would like to sell. Send a photo and brief description to or PO Box 2440, Page, AZ 86040 and I’ll put it up here and in the next newsletter.

Debra Turner is trying to sell her late husband’s collection

  • Here is a partial list:  NOTE:  all items Priced to sell and are being sold for Cash only.  None of the items 4-sale are home use.  They are professional commercial/industrial use items.  I mention this so you know we had a professional shop and are trades/craftsmen.
  • 1. Case 830 with 3pt Eagle hitch, hydraulics and live PTO 8ft set of hydraulic disc plus other implements.  This is a working tractor we used to keep our current place tilled and maintained plus to till our very large garden each year.  In its day this Case was considered a hi-crop.    We bought this tractor in 2003 it ran great but Stan in Stan fashion put his touches to it.  The reason for selling is, I need a new to me tractor that I can maintain that is low-profile like the MH50.  Would like $9,500 tractor and $2,500 for discs.  Would like to sell together.
  • 2. MH50 – Stan was fixing this tractor up for me because it is a low-profile tractor and as the Willy Jeep time did not permit.  This tractor is in the middle of teardown and Stan had just started to rebuild.  This model also has a hydraulic bucket attachment.  This tractor ran fantastically and he used it up and until teardown.  Looking for offers.
  • 3. 1992 Diesel Dodge Truck with what we call a cattle rack and tool box plus cargo area inside cab.  It is currently my second vehicle it has the same engine system as the 1993 in the next paragraph and does not need repairs.  Runs great and starts up right now in Arizona cold weather at approx. 2500′ above sea level.  I would like $12,500 obo.4. 1993 Diesel Dodge Truck with 2 tool boxes and a compressor.  Stan was going to fix up this truck for me but time did not allow.  This truck has a 12 valve manual injected engine and needs brake reservior system rebuilt and has some obvious leaking on both the left and right top side of the engine.  Stan told me this was easily repairable.  This vehicle is started every week and runs just like I described for the 1992.  I would like $7500.00 or obo.
  • 5. 1969 Gas short bed Dodge Dump Truck needs a carburetor and battery.  It ran great before the Holley carburetor was stolen out of the vehicle.  I would like $2500.00 or obo.
  • 6. 1970 Dodge pickup – D2 model with I do believe a 318 engine.  Would like $6,595 or obo.  Needs battery; unknown what else, Stan never said.  Stan has owned this vehicle since 1997.
  • 7. 1971 Dodge Truck – 3/4 ton with 440 engine, the mother to the hemi and the original engine is in our shop.  This vehicle was Stan’s last Sheet Metal trade truck.  He drove it all over CA, ID and AZ  job after job.  He was well known for this truck for which he loved with all this heart and raced many times on roads and the track.  Would like $11,500 for truck and $500.00 for 383 that must be sold together or obo.  Needs battery.  Stan purchased vehicle in late 1990s, exact date unknow but title shows previous issue date of 8-22-1997.
  • 8. 1960 Willy Jeep – this vehicle has been in the Turner family for many decades belonging to his father,  don’t know if his Dad as original owner,  also a Sheet Metal work of 52 years and a farmer of pinto beans and raised angus and white face cattle.  Then passing the vehicle on to Stan.  He, his Dad and Brother also a Union Sheet Metal Worker used this vehicle for hunting in Northern Arizona.
  • This Willy is in the middle of teardown and Stan had just started to rebuild it at the same time he was working on the MH50.  This vehicle ran like a charm and he drove it every week around the place before teardown.  For decades it has needed a gas tank plus serious rebuild.  One has to see to appreciate.  Looking for an offer.
  • 9. 1970 Dodge Cab only with a dismantle title and short bed that has been converted into a trailer.  The trailer has an Arizona PERM tag.  This trailer has a heavy-duty hitch system.  Would like $1500.00 for trailer and $500. for Cab or obo.
  • 10. Have a Ford pickup bed unknown what year it fits.  This bed has been abandoned by our youngest son for more than 10 years – $375.00, current auction prices are going for $450. – $600.00 for similar beds.
  • 11. Have a small child-sized 3- wheeler with a seized engine that may have redeemable parts but unknown.  If the 3-wheeler does not sell by the time all the vehicles sell I will be sending it to the recycler.  It is free.
  • 12. Have 2 farm trailers.  In Arizona farm trailers did not have titles nor were registered at the time these trailers were being used for the farm.  If interested I will go and see what hitch system are on them and the length.  I do know one was purchased only for the frame/iron and the other is an extremely well built nice hunky looking trailer.  Looking for offers.
  • 13. Next item, is a 1979 Luxury FAN line 31′ travel trailer(RV).  It has not left our place since the year we bought it in 2003 nor did we ever use it except to store boxes, chairs and my sewing supplies.  We were going to use this RV for traveling on the Sheet Metal and Pipefitter shut down circuit after I turned out of my program but was not to be.  Between all the massive amounts of projects we had here and Stan’s acute health we changed our plans.  This RV needs alot TLC updating.  It seems to be in or near original condition.  Looking for $5580. or obo.  I have seen some sell as high as $10,000 in similar condition. 
  • 14. Have a Murray 18hp B&S engine garden tractor with tool box and hitch system for different levels of trailers and a 42″  moving deck installed.  This tractor comes with all original books.  Stan bought brand-new 4-17-1985.   With the except of needing a new B&S carburetor ($100. or less from B&S)  it has been completely rebuilt and has new tires.  This item comes with about $500.00 in additional parts.  After his reno Stan believed this garden tractor would only need maintenance for the next many years if not abused by the next owner.  We are the only owners of this tractor.  
  • 15. Stan was also an industrial certified welder so we have alot of welding equipment and have a complete welding shop on our place as well as a mechanic and Sheet Metal Working shop.  So, you guessed it we have welders, owner gas bottles some with welding gas, some without; regulators, cutting torches, AL welding setup for a Lincoln wire feed welder, welding rod, cutting wheels,  and the list goes on. . .  Looking for offers.
  • 16. Also have an ironworker, sheet metal brake up to 22 gauge, welding and metal work tables with solid tops and one this grate top.  Some with and some without wheels.
  • 17. Now let’s talk about building materials.  Have 6″ insulted, painted steel clad inside and out panels.  These panels can be used for whatever ones imagination can devise and also to build refrigerators, coolers for example hunting and meat or vegetables;  siding on barns, shops, houses, all types of buildings and as we have used in past as insulating inside shop walls, etc. . .
  • 18. Also, have iron and piping of all sizes, and types, iron racking/shelving, metal storage cabinets with locks,  purlins, iron beams, fencing, concrete roofing, fitting, and the list goes on and . . .   All prices subject to negotiations.
  • 19. Have evaporative coolers and extra frames for evaporative cooling pads to make seasonal upkeep easier.
  • 20. Have 3-phase(professional shop models:  milling machine, table saw with blades that can be sharpened, 7.5hp table router and a propane Perkins engine generator that was originally an Salt River Project(SRP, our electric utility) backup generator.  All items work great.  Looking for an offer.  Hope to sell all together but negotiable.
  • 21. Have pumps, motors, small engines many in the Kohler, B&S and Tecumseh family.
  • 22. Plus more. . .
  • 23. 3 items will be sold after all the heavy items are sold.  
  • a)  Diesel Waco MT80, 30′ – 3 stage mast;  22,000#, rough-terrian Forklift with Perkins engine.  Perkins tells me this forklift is a 1004-4 model.  This forklift was made in Eugene, Oregon. We are not the original owners but we have owned the forklift since 8-21-2008. This forklift comes with a 4-person man-cage(very difficult to find) with two open-air tool boxes, one on each end.  We use this setup to get to the top of our house, shop, etc. and to prune our trees each and every year or just to ride up and to look at our propery from on high.  Price to be set at time of sale.  
  • b)  Shop 4-sale.  The shop is a 8′ x 40′ x 9.5′ high sea-faring container that has been retro-fitted with metal tables, metal cabinets that lock, metal shelving, original wood floors electric, water, air lines for the compressor(s), etc., iron racks attached to back of shop, wood stove with roof jack, the door system is a dual door in the middle of one-side with doors so heavy that they were installed with use of a forklift and welded in place, also have at each end of shop safety, welded in venting system (Sheet Metal style) and the original carge door is still in and working at one end of shop at opposite end evaporative cooler system; all installed and in use.  This shop also has a unique ceiling hanger system for tools, ladders, materials and/or whatever the next owners dream of.  This shop is transportable and is all a craftsman needs to plug and play.  Price based on negotiations.
  • c)  Our home, 1328 squ.ft. 1.25 ac with a 10′ x ’12’ Storage and 22 trees (fruit, mulberry, pine, ash , elm, desert and southern live oak) that shade the place.  We have 3 bed, 2 full bath, split plan with inside laundry, large country kitchen and great/dining room.  This is a manufactured home built in 1999 with composition shingle roof, a/c, evap cooling, electric furnace, 2 refrigerators, electric 4 burner stove with large oven and storage.  This house also comes with alot of extra storage and a vintage 3 drawer plus shelf dresser.  This dresser was part of the house when we purchased it so it will be past to next owner.  This property will be available 4-sale in 2023 price to be set at that time.
  • Look forward to hearing from you all.  Thank you for all your help.
  • Contact Debra Turner

Check out this Auction

We have a small auction house in rural southern Arizona.  I was on an Internet hunt to try and figure out how to promote our upcoming event to “tractor people” and found your website.
It’s a long ways from your neck of the woods (in Cochise, about an hour south of Tucson)…but maybe you know someone that should know about the auction?

———- Forwarded message ———
From: Bear Carman <>
Date: Mon, Nov 16, 2020 at 9:44 AM
Subject: On-Site AUCTION: Dec 5
To: Bear Carman <>

Hello to our Auction Friends!
We wanted to make sure that our upcoming AUCTION is on your radar!
AUCTION (Onsite, Live, In-Person)Saturday, Dec 5, 2020Bidding starts at 9am349 E Apache Way in Cochise, AZ (Just off Highway 191, near Richland Rd)Preview: Dec 2 – 4 from 9am – 3pm  
Contents include: 

  • 3 Dodge Diesels (Flatbed, Truck, Tow Truck)
  • Multiple Tractors and Pieces of Equipment (Excavator, Bucket Loader, Dozer)
  • Wood Chipper / T-Posts / Railroad Ties / Flagpole / Mobile Home Axles
  • Gannon Box, UHaul Storage Box, Multiple Trailers
  • Barn full of tools
  • And we are just getting started organizing this week!  More to be discovered!

Some initial (pre-organizing!) pictures are attached.  We will send out additional pictures and inventory details as auction approaches.  We also post pictures within the Facebook event here:

Looking forward to a great event!
Until soon,
Mary (and Bear out cutting down the weeds today!)

PS:  No reserves.  No minimums.  We accept Cash or Credit Card.  County tax and credit card fee will be charged.  
Bring a copy of appropriate tax documents (TPT License) if buying for resale.
We do estate sales and auctions — both onsite and at our store!  We buy out entire estates and buy single items daily.  Please be in touch if we can help you with your “junking” needs in Southern Arizona.

Bear’s Vintage ThriftBear Carman / Mary Peterson (owners)(520) 709-8738  /  (602) 380-2860bearsvintagethrift@gmail.comBuy * Sell * Rent * Source

Judy’s Yard consists of items Judy Kitson and Gene Tucker are trying to sell.


Judy Kitson’s collection

Please Check out my ages listed below and see what all we have to offer.  Contact Judy Kitson 928-212-0108 or email  Click the pages below to see more of my items.  Old Iron refers to old items and utensils made from iron and wood.  Such as fenders, plows, etc.  I’ve arranged them on PDF pages for faster uploading.  Each page below will contain items with descriptions.  Price is negotiable.    Make an offer.

Please Note the Fairbanks Morris Engine has sold

old iron A     stone boat, plow, fenders, crank

Old Iron Miscellaneous B   if contacting me about any of these, please state page, and row and number of photo.

More Miscellaneous Old iron

C Misc Tractors and Old Iron

D Misc. Old Iron

E Misc. old iron F

Misc. old iron

GENES TRUCKS  Trucks belonging to Gene Tucker that he is considering selling.  If interested in any of Gene’s trucks call him at :  928-645-9353 or 928-691-1037